Thailand Trip Report

January 2015
Copyright Henry Richardson

I recently returned to Japan from a month in Thailand. It was my 5th time there since 1985. I flew into Bangkok and stayed there for a week before flying up to Chiangmai. By the way, how in the world, I wonder, did this city get the English name Bangkok? Bangkok certainly is a suggestive name. :-) I have photos in the Thailand album:

We had dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Chiangmai one evening. The owner and all the workers appeared to be Arabs. While there I overheard a woman at the next table say to her mates, "Oh look, the waiter is on the floor over there exercising.". I was wondering if the waiter was doing pushups, situps, pilates, or what? :-) I sort of discreetly turned to look and saw he was on the floor facing Mecca and praying. :-) One of her friends said, "Shhh, he's praying."

I have met Longneck Karen women before in northern Thailand in years past. The older a woman is the more rings she has around her neck and the more her neck is stretched. The one I have on weighs about 4 kg.

Those brass neck rings were a natural defense for the notorious vampires who inhabit the mountain areas in the north of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Works great! It only took a few broken teeth for the word to get out on the internal vampire network. Longneck Karen women are no longer victims. Grrl Power!

She motioned for me to get closer and she whispered in my ear, "Hey Hon, take a walk on the wild side." At my age I figured I wouldn't likely get that sort of proposition from a hot longneck chick again so next thing I knew I was longnecking! :-)

photo Me walking on the wild side and going longneck with a Longneck Karen enticer

Copyright Henry Richardson